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Concierge Medicine

For many people, the word "concierge" conjures an image of a uniformed or well-dressed employee at an expensive hotel who arranges tours and tickets for concerts for guests.

Concierge medicine is a health care model in which a patient pays a monthly, bi-annual or annual fee to see their physician, that creates affordable health care plans for small businesses and self-employed professionals. Many of their clients have been hit hard by the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

By contrast, patients at a doctor's office in a traditional practice charge patients per appointment. Typically, when they see their doctor, people with health insurance are responsible for a copayment – a flat fee, which is a set amount for a specific service, like an office visit. Under this model, the patient typically also pays a copayment to specialists who are in his or her health insurance's network of providers.

Zero or Shorter Wait Times, Access to your doctor via phone or text.