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It's Not Just For Hangovers!

If IV Hydration is new to you, IV Hydration involves the injection of intravenous fluids for therapeutic purposes. This treatment can be used in a variety of different ways - even if you don't have a hangover! IV's are often used in hospitals and clinics for many different medical treatments. At Juvenate we offer IV Hydration as an outpatient procedure that is safe and effective at alleviating more than just that hangover!

Dehydration: IV fluids can rapidly rehydrate you and help to restore your energy - as well as giving you a much needed boost! IV Hydrationis also an effective way of ridding the body of any toxins that may be causing dehydration.

Allergies: IV fluids can help to reduce the severity of allergy symptoms. IV Hydration works by providing a direct route for antihistamines and other drugs to be taken into the bloodstream, thus increasing their effectiveness.

Altitude Sickness: If you're planning a trip that will take you up high in the mountains IV Hydration is an effective way at preventing Altitude Sickness. IV fluids will help to combat altitude sickness by stabilizing blood pressure and boosting energy levels, as well as preventing nausea and headache caused by the condition.

Migraines: IV Hydration can also be used to treat migraines - simply book your appointment with us today! IV fluids are a safe way of relieving migraine symptoms

If you haven't tried our treatment yet, we encourage you to do so. We think that you'll be amazed by the power of it as a stimulant, an antiviral, and healthier in general. Our staff will personalize your therapy to suit your unique needs.

Are you ready to feel your best? Schedule an appointment with Juvenate today!