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Turn Fat Into Energy

Turn Fat into Energy!

Juvenate has many options when it comes to injections for weight loss, muscle gain, hormone therapy, and exercise recovery. Featured are some of our patients favorites.

B12/lipo injections are designed to help your body release stored fat and speed up your metabolism allowing your body to burn fat faster than usual.

G.A.C injections (Glutamine-Arginine-Carinitine) is a key supplement for anyone looking to lose weight, keep it off, and maintain strong energy levels. The first step to weight loss is burning fat, the Carinitine converts more fat to energy. Glutamine aids in converting energy stores to glycogen instead of fat, preventing weight gain due to fat. Arginine is a speed booster for your body, assisting in increasing blood flow and affecting your performance in a number of positive ways.

Semaglutide aids in reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass.

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